Status of Technical Manuals Specifications and Standards 6/1994

Drawing Practices
MIL-HDBK-780B, 3/1/94: Standardized Military Drawings.

This new revision of the military handbook on standardized military drawings (SMD's) is still applicable for microcircuits only. The SMD program is intended to minimize the proliferation of specification and source control drawings within the DOD, by having only 1 SMD per item of supply.

General Design Requirements
MIL-HDBK-798, 2/4/94: System Engineer's Design for Discard Handbook.

The purpose of this new handbook is to provide a reference guide on the Army "design for discard" effort. It explains:
1. What design for discard means
2. Why design for discard should be implemented
3. What the design for discard effort should involve
4. How to implement design for discard in a project
5. The tradeoffs involved during design
6. The interfaces with other system disciplines
7. The techniques used to evaluate the results of design for discard.

Telecommunications Systems Standards
MIL-STD-188/198A, 12/15/93: Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) Image Compression for the National Imagery Transmission Format Standard.

JPEG is one of the graphics standards currently being used in CALS and other data transmission projects. It is a compression algorithm standardized in the ISO/IEC-10918-1 (for which there is a new 1994 edition available). This handbook provides the technical detail of the NITFS algorithm for still images.

Technical Manuals Specifications and Standards
MIL-T-38804B, Amendment 1, 8/5/93: Time Compliance Technical Orders, Preparation of.

The 8-page amendment contains numerous pen and ink changes, including changes to the SGML tagging information.

MIL-M-49503A, 10/1/93: Manuals, Technical: General Style and Format, Test Program Sets for Automatic Test Equipment.
This new edition contains extensive changes. The document is to be used in the preparation of operator instructions and operational features required in Test Program Sets for all equipment.

MIL-M-63038D, 12/10/93: Manuals, Technical: Unit or Aviation Unit, Direct Support, Aviation Intermediate, and General Support Maintenance, Requirements for.
This new edition contains the detailed requirements for the preparation of technical manuals (TM) for the maintenance of all types of equipment. It also contains the requirements for system integration manuals. The changes are extensive.

MIL-M-63041F, 9/21/93: Manuals, Technical: Depot Maintenance Work Requirements (DMWR).
Changes are extensive to this specification on the requirements for preparation of DMWR. This covers all Army materiel except conventional and chemical ammunition.


AIR-4779, 6/94: User's Guide to AMS Specifications.
For those of you who would like to know more about documents issued by the Society of Automotive Engineers, here is a good starting point. This document describes the AMS (Aerospace Material Specifications) which have been provided by SAE since 1939. An AMS specification is "designed to be an enforceable procurement document defining a product or a service." Additionally, there is a Manual for Preparation of AMS which is to be used when drafting AMS documents.

ISO 9000 Compendium, 4th Edition (1994).
Another edition is now available for this series on quality from ISO. Please contact Document Center or ANSI for a complete listing of the contents. 

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