Status of Technical Manual Specifications and Standards 2/1995

Claudia Bach


This report covers specification, standard, and amendments received in the period from 1 December 1994 through 28 February 1995. Special emphasis has been placed on documentation in the category TMSS (Technical Manual Specification & Standards). However, other documents with widespread appeal are also included.

DOD Standard Drawing Practices
ASME-Y14.5M, 1994 Edition: Dimensioning and Tolerancing.

This document replaces the 1982 (reaffirmed 1988) edition of the ANSI-Y14.5M. It covers dimensioning, tolerancing, and related practices for use in engineering drawings and in related documents.

The modifications in the standard are intended to harmonize U.S. practices and methodology with the global trend towards more efficient worldwide technical communication, that is, with the increasing use of computer graphics. An additional goal of the revision was to assist the United States' active participation and competitiveness in the global marketplace.

ASME-Y14.5.1M, 1994 edition: Mathematical Definition of Dimensioning and Tolerancing Principles.
This document is a companion to the new ASME-Y14.5M edition. It is the result of an effort to add mathematical rigor to the Y14.5M standard. It creates explicit definitions for use in such areas as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

The standard gives a mathematical definition for current tolerancing practices. The committee identified four major divisions of a tolerance: "1) the mathematical definition of the tolerance zone; 2) the mathematical definition of conformance to the tolerance; 3) the mathematical definition of the actual value; [and] 4) the mathematical definition of the measured value." The committee was able to address the first three issues, the fourth was determined to be beyond the scope of the standard.

Technical Manuals Specifications and Standards
MIL-M-15071, Cancellation Notice 1, 9/6/94: Manuals, Technical: Equipments and Systems Content Requirements for.

This document has been canceled and superseded by the following documents: MIL-M-24784, MIL-M-24784/1, MIL-M-24784/2, MIL-M-24784/4, MIL-M-24784/12, MIL-M-24784/13, MIL-M-24784/14, MIL-M-24784/15, MIL-M-24784/16 and MIL-M-24784/17.

MIL-O-24312B, Cancellation Notice 1, 9/6/94: Operational Stations Book (OSB).
Canceled and superseded by MIL-M-24784, MIL-M-24784/1, MIL-M-24784/5, and MIL-M-24784/6.

MIL-M-24570, Cancellation Notice 1, 9/6/94: Manual, Technical, Combat System Technical Operations; Requirements for.
Canceled and replaced by MIL-M-24784, MIL-M-24784/1, MIL-M-24784/2, and MIL-M-24784/3.

MIL-M-24571, Cancellation Notice 1, 9/6/94: Manuals, Technical, Training Aid Booklet (Tab), for Naval Ships Systems.
This specification has been replaced by MIL-M-24784, MIL-M-24784/1, MIL-M-24784/2, and MIL-M-24784/10.

MIL-T-24747, Cancellation Notice 1, 9/6/94: Technical Repair Standards (TRS) Manual; Preparation of.
Canceled and replaced by MIL-M-24784.

MIL-M-24784, 9/6/94: Manuals, Technical: General Acquisition and Development Requirements.
This new specification sets forth the general acquisition and development requirements of technical manual and related data in support of weapons systems and equipment. There is a classification system given for the types of technical manuals addressed. The use of this main specification along with one of the associated detail specifications listed below should contain all information necessary to produce acceptable technical manuals.

MIL-M-24784/1, 9/6/94: Manual Technical Change Package Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/2, 9/6/94: Manual Technical Revision Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/3, 9/6/94: Manual, Combat System Technical Operations (CSTOM) Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/4, 9/6/94: Manual, Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) Equipment Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/5, 9/6/94: Manual, Operational Stations Book (OSB) Requirements for Design.

MIL-M-24784/6, 9/6/94: Manual, Operation Station Book (OSB) Requirements for Construction and Major Modification.

MIL-M-24784/7, 9/6/94: Manual, Technical Repair Standards (TRS) Requirements for HM&E Equipment.

MIL-M-24784/8, 9/6/94: Manual, Technical Repair Standards (TRS) Requirements for Electronic Equipment.

MIL-M-24784/9, 9/6/94: Manual, Technical Repair Standards (TRS) Requirements for Ordnance Equipment.

MIL-M-24784/10, 9/6/94: Manual, Training Aid Booklet (TAB) Requirements for Naval Ships Systems.

MIL-M-24784/11, 9/6/94: Manual, Ship Information Book (SIB) Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/12, 9/6/94: Manual, Hull, Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) Equipment Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/13, 9/6/94: Manual, Hull, Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) Single Component Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/14, 9/6/94: Manual, Electronic and Interior Communication (IC) Equipment Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/15, 9/6/94: Manual, Service Test Electronic and Interior Communications (IC) Equipment Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/16, 9/6/94: Manual, Experimental Electronic and Interior Communication (IC) Equipment Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/17, 9/6/94: Manual, Hull Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) Systems and Electronic and Interior Communication (IC) Systems Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/18, 9/6/94: Manual, Surface Missile Subsystem or Equipment Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/19, 9/6/94: Manual, Surface Missile System Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/20, 9/6/94: Manual, Digital Systems Requirements.

MIL-M-24784/21, 9/6/94: Manual, Digital Equipment Requirements.

MIL-M-49501, Amendment 1, 8/1/94: Manuals, Technical: Repair Parts and Special Tools List.
This new amendment contains two pages of pen and ink changes, plus the newer DD Form 1426 replacement page.

MIL-M-63004C, Amendment 1, 8/1/94: .
This amendment contains two pages of pen and ink changes, plus the newer DD Form 1426 replacement page.

MIL-C-63012A, 7/26/94: Manuals, Technical: Depot Maintenance Work Requirements (DMWR) for Maintenance/Demilitarization of Conventional and Chemical Ammunition.
Extensive changes have been made to this document in this new revision.

MIL-M-63014A, 3/28/94: Manuals, Technical: For Phased Maintenance Checklist.
Extensive changes have been made to this specification for the preparation of technical manuals for phased maintenance checklist of Army aircraft.

MIL-M-81310E, 10/1/94: Manuals, Technical: Airborne Weapons/Stores Loading (Conventional and Nuclear) Weapon Assembly/Disassembly/Support Equipment Configuration.
Extensive changes have been made to the document in this new revision.

MIL-D-81992B, 7/27/94: Directives, Technical; Preparation of.
Extensive changes have been made to this specification. It identifies the requirements for preparation of formal letter type Technical Directives used to direct the accomplishment and recording of modifications to Weapons, Weapons Systems, Support Equipment (SE), and so on.

MIL-STD-334A, Notice 1, 9/6/94: Displayed Messages for Automatic Test Equipment.
This notice replaces pages ii and the DD Form 1426.

DOD-STD-2139, Cancellation Notice 3, 9/6/94: Ship Information Book, Preparation of (Metric).
This item has been superseded by MIL-M-24784, MIL-M-24784/1, MIL-M-24784/2, and MIL-M-24784/11.

Other Documents of Interest:

The following document was sent to me for review and inclusion in the column. As this is outside of my area of expertise, I am providing you with the abstract of the document, plus information on related standards from NISO for information specialists. For your information, NISO is the National Information Standards Organization.

ANSI/NISO Z39.19 - 1993: Guidelines for the Construction, Format, and Management of Monolingual Thesauri.
A thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary arranged in a known order and structured so that equivalence, homographic, hierarchical, and associative relationships between terms are displayed clearly and identified by standardized relationship indicators that are employed reciprocally. The primary purposes of a thesaurus are (a) to facilitate retrieval of documents and (b) to achieve consistency in the indexing of written or otherwise recorded documents and other items, mainly for postcoordinate information storage and retrieval systems. This standard provides guidelines for constructing monolingual thesauri: formulating the descriptors, establishing relationships among terms, and effectively presenting the information in print and on a screen. It also includes thesaurus maintenance procedures and recommended features of thesaurus management systems.

NISO-Z39.2 - 1994: Information Interchange Format.
This standard specifies the requirements for a generalized interchange format that will accommodate data describing all forms of material. It describes a generalized structure designed specifically for exchange of data between processing systems and not necessarily for use as a processing format within systems. It may be used for the communication of records in any media.

NISO-Z39.47 - 1993: Extended Latin Alphabet Coded Character Set for Bibliographic Use (ANSEL).
Character sets are a basic building block of automated information systems. Z39.47 - 1993 provides a table of coded values for the representation of characters of the extended Latin alphabet in machine-readable form for thirty-five languages written in the Latin alphabet and for fifty-one romanized languages.

NISO-Z39.50 - 1992: Information Retrieval Application Service Definition and Protocol Specification for Open Systems Interconnection.
Z39.50 is an essential part of today's information retrieval services and systems, including the automated bibliographic systems of libraries and commercial information providers. The standard makes it possible for any organization with Z39.50 compliant software to extend its reach beyond its own collections to tap the resources of remote collections and databases that are Z39.50 compliant. It allows users to conduct searches of remote systems with the familiar commands and displays of the users' local system.

NISO-Z39.58 - 1992: Common Command Language for Online Interactive Information Retrieval.
Useful to systems designers who want to specify a uniform command terminology, Z39.58 - 1992 describes nineteen non-proprietary command terms for use in online information retrieval systems and defines the vocabulary, syntax, and operational meaning of the commands. Extensive examples illustrate the standard in action.

ISO/ANSI/NISO - 12083: Electronic Manuscript Preparation and Markup.
This international standards is a revision and expansion of Z39.59 - 1988. In complete conformance with ISO 8879 (SGML - Standard Generalized Markup Language), it provides a toolkit for development of customized SGML applications. Four Document Type Definitions (DTDs) are specified: for books, serials, articles, and mathematics. Instructions for the preparation of texts for the near automatic conversion to grade-2 braille and for publication in large-print and computer voice editions are included.

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