Status of Technical Manuals Specifications and Standards 4/2002

Claudia Bach


This report covers specifications, standards, and amendments received in the period from 15 January 2002 through 30 April 2002. Special emphasis has been placed on documentation in the category TMSS (Technical Manual Specification & Standards). However, other documents with widespread appeal are also included.

Technical Manuals Specifications and Standards
MIL-HDBK-1221, Change Notice 2, 2/12/2002: Evaluation of Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) Manuals, Department of Defense Handbook for.

Provides the user with new pages 1, 3, 10 through 12, and appended DD form 1426.

MIL-HDBK-38790, Validation Notice 1, 03/05/2002: Printing Production of Technical Manuals.
This handbook is still valid for procurement.

MIL-STD-334, Change Notice 1, 02/08/2002: Displayed Messages for Automatic Test Equipment.
This change notice provides the user with new pages 1, 5, 11, and a new DD form 1426.

MIL-STD-1808A, Change Notice 1, 02/08/2002: System, Subsystem, Sub-Subsystem Numbering.
This change notice has new pages ii, 1 and 2, and a new DD form 1426.

MIL-PRF-9854C, Amendment 1, 02/11/2002: Technical Manuals: Structural Repair (Aircraft).
The amendment makes pen and ink changes to pages 1, 2, 8 and 10.

MIL-PRF-9994C, Validation Notice 1, 02/07/2002: Technical Manuals - Mobile Training Sets and Part Task Trainers Operation and Maintenance Instructions.
This specification has been validated for procurement.

MIL-PRF-63029, Revision E, 1/31/2002: Manuals, Technical: Requirements for Operator's Manuals and Checklists for Aircraft.
This is a new revision for this specification for Army aircraft operators' manuals and checklists.

MIL-PRF-87158B, Amendment 1, 02/08/2002: Technical Manuals: Aircraft Battle Damage Assessment and Repair.
Pen and ink changes to this document modify pages 1 and 2.

MIL-DTL-24784, Revision B and Supplement 1, 02/15/2002: Manuals, Technical: General Acquisition and Development Requirements.
This 179 page revision updates the general acquisition, format, content and development requirements of technical manuals, as well as related data in support of weapons systems and equipment. Also revised are the following slash sheets:

MIL-DTL-24784/3B, 02/15/2002: Combat System Technical Operations Manual (CSTOM) Requirements.

MIL-DTL-24784/4B, 02/15/2002: Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Equipment Manual Requirements.

MIL-DTL-24784/5B, 02/15/2002: Operational Stations Book (OSB) Requirements for Design, Construction, and Major Modification.

MIL-DTL-24784/7B, 02/15/2002: Technical Repair Standards (TRS) for Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) Equipment, Electronic Equipment, and Ordnance Equipment.

MIL-DTL-24784/10B, 02/15/2002: Training Aid Booklet (TAB) Requirements for Naval Ship Systems.

MIL-DTL-24784/11B, 02/15/2002: Ship Information Book (SIB) Requirements.

MIL-DTL-24784/12B, 02/15/2002: Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) Equipment and Single Component Manual Requirements.

MIL-DTL-24784/14B, 02/15/2002: Electronic, Experimental Electronic, Service Test Electronic, and Interior Communication (IC) Equipment Manual Requirements.

MIL-DTL-24784/17B, 02/15/2002: Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) Systems and Electronic, and Interior Communication (IC) Systems Manual Requirements.

MIL-DTL-24784/18B, 02/15/2002: Surface Missile Subsystem or Equipment Manual Requirements.

MIL-DTL-24784/19B, 02/15/2002: Surface Missile System Manual Requirements.

MIL-DTL-24784/20B, 02/15/2002: Digital Systems Manual Requirements.

MIL-DTL-24784/21B, 02/15/2002: Digital Equipment Manual Requirements.

MIL-DTL-87929C, Amendment 1, 02/14/2002: Technical ManualsOperation and Maintenance Instructions in Work Package Format (For USAF Equipment).
Pen and ink changes are made to pages 34 and 81.

Other Documents and Activities of Interest:

FROM ISO (International Organization for Standards):
ISO-15787, 1st Edition, 12/15/2001: Technical Product Documentation - Heat-Treated Ferrous Parts - Presentation and indications.

ISO-15785, 1st Edition, 4/21/2002: Technical Drawings - Symbolic presentation and indication of adhesive, fold and pressed joints.

FROM NISO (National Information Standards Organization):
NISO-Z39.83, 200x Draft: NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol (NCIP).

This draft is available for trial use. It is intended to allow for the automation of circulation activities among independent library systems.

NISO-Z39.18-1995: Scientific and Technical Reports - Elements, Organization, and Design.
This standard has been sent to committee for review and possible revision.

NISO-Z39.50-1995: Profile for Library Applications.
This standard has been sent to committee for review and revision to insure compatibility with international activities in the area of online exchange of library data (primarily bibliographic and holdings information).

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