Status of Technical Manuals Specifications and Standards 8/2002

Claudia Bach


This report covers specifications, standards, and amendments received in the period from 1 April 2002 through 31 August 2002. Special emphasis has been placed on documentation in the category TMSS (Technical Manual Specification & Standards). However, other documents with widespread appeal are also included.

Technical Manuals Specifications and Standards
MIL-PRF-63010, Revision C, 4/25/2002: Manuals, Technical: DOD Standard Generator Sets. 

This is a new revision for this specification for preparing technical manuals for all Department of Defense standard generator sets or follow-on power sources.

Other Documents and Activities of Interest:

FROM IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission):
IEC-82045-1: Management data (metadata) for technical documents Part 1: Principles and methods.

FROM ISO (International Organization for Standards):
ISO TC 10 (Technical Committee 10: Technical product documentation) is working on the following drafts:
ISO/CD-PAS-16792: Technical Product Documentation - Digital product definition data practices.

ISO/WD-82045-4: Management data (metadata) for technical documents Part 4: Archiving.

IEC/CD-82045-2: Management data (metadata) for technical documents Part 2: Reference collection of metadata and reference models.

ISO TC 46 (Technical Committee 46: Information and documentation) is working on the following drafts:
ISO/WD-20605: Terminology of information and documentation - Terminology of print-on-paper.

FROM NISO (National Information Standards Organization):
Documents for Trial Use:
NISO-Z39.7, 2002: Information Services and Use: Metrics and Statistics for Libraries and Information Providers - Data Dictionary.
This draft is available for trial use. It may be balloted, revised or withdrawn at the end of the trial period (7/31/2003).

NISO-Z39.87-2002 (Co-numbered AIIM-20-2002): Data Dictionary - Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images.
There is also an XML schema available for this document. The review period will last until 12/31/2003.

NISO documents currently in balloting:
ANSI/NISO/ISO-12083-1995: Electronic Manuscript Preparation and Markup.
This is a toolkit for developing SGML applications for four document types: books, serials, articles, and mathematics.

ANSI/NISO-Z39.14-1997: Guidelines for Abstracts.
This standard describes the components of an abstract and various styles and formats. Attention is given to special cases.

ANSI/NISO-Z39.23-1997: Standard Technical Report Number Format and Creation.
This standard defines a unique numbering system to improve access to scientific and technical reports (STRN). It also designates a central authority to coordinate and monitor number assignments.

ANSI/NISO-Z39.26-1997: Micropublishing Product Information.
This standard details the information that should be included in advertising materials for micropublications.

ANSI/NISO-Z39.32-1996: Information on Microfiche Headers.
This standard addresses the issue of eye-legible information on microfiche headers for identification and filing.

ANSI/NISO-Z39.41-1998: Printed Information on Spines.
This document covers information presented on the spines of books, CD-ROM's, audiotapes, and so on.

ANSI/NISO-Z39.48-1992(R1997): Permanence of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives.
This standard sets the basic requirements for coated and uncoated papers expected to remain in use for several hundred years.

ANSI/NISO-Z39.56-1996: Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (SICI).
This standard defines the SICI variable length code used to identify both print and electronic serial publications.

FROM SES(Standards Engineering Society):
SES-1: 2002: Recommended Practice for Designation and Organization of Standards.
This document provides guidance on numbering and organizing standards for the authoring community.

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