About Document Center Inc.

Document Center Inc. is an information distributor based in Silicon Valley. Selling standards since 1982 and on the web since 1993, Document Center Inc. is a leader in the dissemination of conformance information for business. Document Center offers out-sourced management services for standards collections for ISO-9000 and FDA compliance, as well as individual document sales. It is among the top 3% of women-owned businesses in the U.S.

The company was started to provide Silicon Valley companies with copies of military specifications and standards on a same day basis. In January 1985, Claudia Bach took over the company and turned it from a garage-based business into an internationally known and respected distributor of the complete spectrum of Standards and conformance information.

The company pioneered the use of the Internet, and particularly the web, for the distribution of standards and standards information. With its first website (www.doccenter.com) in 1993, the company influenced information organizations as diverse as Dialog and Information Express to Standards bodies such as ISO (the International Standards Organization) and ANSI (the American National Standards Institute).

Document Center Inc. currently monitors over 500,000 standards from all disciplines and jurisdictions. Especially known for its strength in the Medical Devices industry, the company has thousands of customers who depend on its notification services to keep their standards collections up-to-date. Staff members also audit standards collections on a regular basis to confirm that customers will pass their conformance reviews with flying colors. In addition, Document Center offers custom reports for customers to compare past purchases with current editions of the standards they've gotten from the company.

Standards can be purchased in both paper and electronic format from the company website www.document-center.com, or by phoning us at 650-591-7600 (FYI: fax us at 650-591-7617.) Standards Online, our multi-user subscription service, requires a custom quote. Please provide our staff with your list of standards, the number of sites and concurrent users for pricing. Other services are available upon request. Send us comments or questions at our email address: info@document-center.com.