Document Center Inc. Sells Standards in Print, PDF and Subscription Format

Since 1982, Document Center Inc. offers a comprehensive collection of industry and government standards from around the world. We provide over 15,000 organizations with a complete out-sourced solution for access and management of industry standards. You can obtain standards from over 30 publishers in print, PDF and subscription format.

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Industry Standards

Standards, Specifications, and Technical Publications from industry organizations. We have reseller agreements with AAMI, ANSI, ASTM, ASME, BSI, DIN, IEC, IEEE, ISO, JEDEC, SAE, TAPPI, TechAmerica, UL and a host of others. We also hold large inventories of standards collections, including AWS, NFPA, NEMA, IPC, and many more. And don't forget to ask for e-delivery, which is available for most of the standards we sell. You can also take a look at our list of SDO's (Standards Developing Organizations).

Military Specifications and Standards

100% of the DOD Index of Specifications and Standards collection are in stock. 100% of the GSA Federal Specifications and Standards are in stock. DESC drawings, DIDs, CIDs, documents from many federal agencies, DOD Directives, Instruction, Manuals, and more are readily available at Document Center, all in paper and many in electronic format.

International and Non-U.S. Standards and Regulations

We have agreements with ISO, IEC, BSI, DIN, and other vitally important international agencies. Standards and other vitually any agency or body worldwide can be obtained. We regularly provide customer copies of documents published by JIS, ECMA, EN, ITU, CSA, Australian Standards Association, and many other non-U.S. organizations.  We can also provide regulatory material from many countries and regions, like the Pharmeuropa and the Canadian Medical Device Regulation.

Government Publications 

We carry a wide range of federal agency documentation, including but not limited to regulations from the FAA, FCC and FDA. We carry the Code of Federal Regulations and regulatory material from both Federal and State level jurisdictions.

We do not carry classified information.