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Standard Specification for Castings, Steel and Alloy, Common Requirements, for General Industrial Use

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This specification covers a group of common requirements that, unless covered by the individual product specification in another ASTM document, applies to steel and alloy castings for use in general industrial applications. Materials shall be produced by open-hearth or electric furnace process with or without separate refining, such as argon-oxygen-decarburization (AOD), and then consequently heat treated in the working zone. Castings shall receive heat and product analysis to evaluate their conformance to chemical composition requirements. Mechanical requirements shall also be assessed. The surfaces of castings shall be free of adhering sand, scale, cracks, hot tears, and other surface discontinuities. Repair welding may be performed as required.



1.1 This specification covers a group of requirements that are mandatory requirements of the following steel casting specifications issued by ASTM. If the product specification specifies different requirements, the product specification shall prevail.


Title of Specification
A27/A27MSteel Castings, Carbon, for General Application
A128/A128MSteel Castings, Austenitic Manganese
A148/A148MSteel Castings, High Strength, for Structural Purposes
A297/A297M Steel Castings, Iron-Chromium and Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Heat Resistant for General Application
A447/A447MSteel Castings, Chromium-Nickel-Iron Alloy (25-12 Class), for High-Temperature Service
A494/A494MCastings, Nickel and Nickel Alloy
A560/A560MCastings, Chromium-Nickel Alloy
A743/A743MCastings, Iron-Chromium, Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Corrosion Resistant, for General Application
A744/A744MCastings, Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Corrosion Resistant, for Severe
A747/A747M Steel Castings, Stainless, Precipitation Hardening
A890/A890MCastings, Iron-Chromium-Nickel-Molybdenum Corrosion-Resistant, Duplex (Austenitic/Ferritic) for General Application
A915/A915MSteel Castings, Carbon and Alloy, Chemical Requirements Similar to Standard Wrought Grades
A958Steel Castings, Carbon and Alloy, with Tensile Requirements, Chemical Requirements Similiar to Standard Wrought Grades
A1002Castings, Nickel-Aluminum Ordered Alloy

1.2 This specification also covers a group of supplementary requirements that may be applied to the above specifications as indicated therein. These are provided for use when additional testing or inspection is desired and apply only when specified individually by the purchaser in the order.

1.3 The requirements of the individual material specification, and this general specification shall prevail in the sequence named.

1.4 The values stated in either SI units or inch-pound units are to be regarded separately as standard. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other. Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the standard.


castings; common requirements; steel and alloy; Alloy steel castings--specifications; General delivery requirements--steel; Industrial metals/alloys--specifications; Steel castings--specifications; ICS Number Code 77.140.80 (Iron and steel castings)

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77.140.80 (Iron and steel castings)

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