ASTM-E2000 Standard Guide for Minimum Basic Education and Training of Individuals Involved in the Detection of Deception (PDD) (Withdrawn 2014)

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Standard Guide for Minimum Basic Education and Training of Individuals Involved in the Detection of Deception (PDD) (Withdrawn 2014)


1.1 This guide covers the minimum basic education and training required for an individual involved in the psychological detection of deception in using instruments which measure physiological responses in the areas of breathing or respiration, changes in electrodermal activity, and changes in pulse rate and relative blood pressure.

1.2 For additional standards promulgated by ASTM Committee, see Practice E1954.

Significance and Use

This practice is intended for use by any individual when reasonably expected to be the subject of litigation. The intent of this guide is to set forth the minimum requirements for education and training of an individual who administers psychophysiological examinations, and who renders an opinion as to attempted deception or truthfulness of a subject who has been tested.

Polygraph standards have changed the standards herein represent the current industry standards, individuals who can document that they were trained at a polygraph school which was fully accredited by the American Polygraph Association prior to January 1998, shall be deemed to have met the minimum professional standards for polygraph examiner training at the time they received their initial basic polygraph training.

Individuals who received basic polygraph training prior to January 1998 at a polygraph training school which was not fully accredited by the American Polygraph Association standards may be qualified, providing they can document that their basic polygraph training was substantially equivalent in length and curriculum as required for American Polygraph Association polygraph school accreditation.


forensic psychophysiology; polygraph instrumentation; polygraph training; ICS Number Code 11.040.55 (Diagnostic equipment)

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