ASTM-E430 Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Gloss of High-Gloss Surfaces by Abridged Goniophotometry

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Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Gloss of High-Gloss Surfaces by Abridged Goniophotometry



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1.1 These test methods cover the measurement of the reflection characteristics responsible for the glossy appearance of high-gloss surfaces. Three test methods, A, B and C, are provided for evaluating such surface characteristics at specular angles of 30°, 20° and 30°, respectively. These test methods are not suitable for diffuse finish surfaces nor do they measure color, another appearance attribute.

1.2 As originally developed by Tingle and others (see Refs 1 and 2), the test methods were applied only to bright metals. Recently they have been applied to high-gloss automotive finishes and other nonmetallic surfaces.

1.3 The DOI of a glossy surface is generally independent of its curvature. The DOI measurement by this test method is limited to flat or flattenable surfaces.

Significance and Use

The gloss of metallic finishes is important commercially on metals for automotive, architectural, and other uses where these metals undergo special finishing processes to produce the appearances desired. It is important for the end-products, which use such finished metals that parts placed together have the same glossy appearance.

It is also important that automotive finishes and other high-gloss nonmetallic surfaces possess the desired finished appearance. The present method identifies by measurements important aspects of finishes. Those having identical sets of numbers normally have the same gloss characteristics. It usually requires more than one measurement to identify properly the glossy appearance of any finish (see Refs 3 and 4).


distinctness of image; goniophotometry; reflection characteristics; reflection haze; sheen; specular gloss; Metallic coatings; Metals and metallic materials--paint applications; Nonmetallic materials; Reflectance and reflectivity--paints/related coatings/materials; Spectral data--paints/related coatings; Spectrophotometry--goniophotometry; Surface analysis--paints/related coatings/materials; Automotive coatings/paints; Directionality of surface; Enamel coatings; Gloss; Haze; High-gloss surfaces; Instrumental measurement--paints/related coatings/materials; ICS Number Code 17.040.20 (Properties of surfaces)

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