BS-EN-60617-2 Symbol Elements, Qualifying Symbols and Other Symbols Havinggeneral Application

BS-EN-60617-2 - 1996 EDITION - CANCELLED
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Symbol Elements, Qualifying Symbols and Other Symbols Havinggeneral Application

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01.080.40 (Graphical symbols for use on electrical and electronics engineering drawings, diagrams, charts and in relevant technical product documentation Standards included in this group shall also be included in other groups and/or sub-groups according to their subject)

29.020 (Electrical engineering in general Including voltages, general electrical terminology, electrical documentation, electrical tables, safety, fire hazard testing, etc. Electrical diagrams and charts, see 01.100.25 Electrical power stations, see 27.100 Electromagnetic compatibility, see 33.100)

31.020 (Electronic components in general Magnetic components, see 29.100.10)

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BS EN 60617-2:1996

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Jan. 1, 1996