IEC-60068-2-80 Environmental testing - Part 2-80: Tests - Test Fi: Vibration - Mixed mode

IEC-60068-2-80 - 1ST EDITION - CURRENT

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Intended for general application for testing specimens when simulation is required of vibration excitation of a complex and mixed nature. The purpose of the test is to demonstrate the adequacy of the specimen to resist the specified mixed mode excitation without unacceptable degradation of its functional and/or structural performance. It is particularly useful for tailoring mixed mode environments where measured data are available for the real life environment. The test also helps reveal the accumulated effects of stress induced by random vibration, mixed with sine and/or random, and the resulting mechanical weakness and degradation in specified performances, and to use this information, in conjunction with the relevant specification, to assess the acceptability of specimens. In some cases, this standard may also be used to demonstrate the mechanical robustness of specimens. This standard is applicable to specimens which may be subjected to vibration of a random and/or a combination of random and deterministic nature resulting from transportation or real life environments, for example in aircraft, space vehicles and for items in their transportation container when the latter may be considered as part of the specimen itself. Although primarily intended for electrotechnical specimens, this standard is not restricted to such specimens and may be used in other fields where desired.



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IEC 60068-2-80 Ed. 1.0 b:2005

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May 1, 2005

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