IEC-60115-8-1 Fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment - Part 8-1: Blank detail specification: Fixed surface mount (SMD) low power film resistors for general electronic equipment, classification level G

IEC-60115-8-1 - EDITION 2.0 - CURRENT

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IEC 60115-8-1:2014 is applicable to the drafting of detail specifications for fixed surface mount (SMD) low-power film resistors in rectangular chip shape (styles RR) or in cylindrical MELF shape (styles RC) classified to level G, which is defined in IEC 60115-8:2009, 1.5 for general electronic equipment, typically operated under benign or moderate environmental conditions, where the major requirement is function. Examples for level G include consumer products and telecommunication user terminals. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
- It includes minor revisions related to tables, figures and references.
- Dedication to resistors of product classification level G, which is for general electronic equipment, typically operated under benign or moderate environmental conditions, like e.g. consumer products, or telecommunication user terminals.
- Implementation of the zero defect policy with the application of the single assessment level EZ in all test schedules.
- Substitution of the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), specified over the full defined temperature range, for the inferior and less significant temperature characteristic.
- Adition of a test for the immunity against electrostatic discharge.
- Implementation of the concept of stability classes with coordinated requirements to the performance at all prescribed tests.
- Addition of information relevant for the component user in his assembly process.
- Addition of an Annex providing special provisions for 0 resistors (jumpers), which may be part of a range of products covered by a detail specification derived from this blank detail specification.



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IEC 60115-8-1 Ed. 2.0 b:2014

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Oct. 17, 2014

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