IEC-60479-5 Effects of current on human beings and livestock - Part 5: Touch voltage threshold values for physiological effects

IEC-60479-5 - EDITION 1.0 - CURRENT

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 EDITION 1.0 - Nov. 1, 2007
 ED. 1.0 CORRIGENDUM 1 - July 11, 2013

This Technical Report provides touch voltage-duration combination thresholds based on analysis of information concerning body impedances and current thresholds of physiological effects, as given in IEC/TS 60479-1. Such threshold combinations relate to specific environmental and contact conditions that determine body impedance for particular current pathways. This technical report considers only (i) 50/60 Hz sinusoidal alternating voltage having no other frequency components and no significant direct voltage component, and (ii) direct voltage with no significant alternating component. This technical report provides thresholds as a result of calculations based on values from IEC/TS 60479-1, with uncertainties. Therefore thresholds proposed in this report also correspond to values with uncertainties. Touch voltage-duration combination thresholds are for use by technical committees as guidance for the determination of limits for touch voltage and touch voltage durations in various environmental situations.



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IEC/TR 60479-5 Ed. 1.0 b:2007

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Nov. 1, 2007

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