IEC-60664-2-1 Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems - Part 2-1: Application guide - Explanation of the application of the IEC 60664 series, dimensioning examples and dielectric testing

IEC-60664-2-1 - EDITION 2.0 - CURRENT
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IEC/TR 60664-2-1:2011, which is a technical report, serves as an application guide for technical committees and manufacturers specifying dimensioning requirements for products in accordance with the IEC 60664 series. The significant items for consideration are as follows:
a) nominal system voltage(s) or rated insulation voltage(s);
b) overvoltage category of the products (OV cat.);
c) any type of overvoltages;
d) frequency of the voltage;
e) characteristics of the solid insulating material;
f) pollution degree and humidity levels.
The main changes with respect to the previous edition are listed below:
- the previous edition was only an application guide for IEC 60664-1. This second edition takes into account not only IEC 60664-1 but also the other parts IEC 60664-3, IEC 60664-4, and IEC 60664-5 and their interrelation;
- principles of the IEC 60664 series for insulation dimensioning of LV equipment are explained and examples of practical application are provided together with some background information;
- Annex A provides an overview of clauses of IEC 60664-1 requiring decisions by technical committees, or specification of options, or requiring activities of the manufacturer;
- Annex B provides an overview of such clauses of IEC 60664-4;
- Annex C provides an overview of such clauses of IEC 60664-5;
- Annex D amends the tables of Annex F of IEC 60664-1:2007 with rated impulse voltages for voltages line to neutral derived from nominal d.c. voltages up to and including 1 500 V.
Has the status of a basic safety publication in accordance with IEC Guide 104.



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IEC/TR 60664-2-1 Ed. 2.0 b:2011

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Jan. 1, 2011

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