IEC-62264-2 Enterprise-control system integration - Part 2: Object and attributes for enterprise-control system integration

IEC-62264-2 - EDITION 2.0 - CURRENT
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IEC 62264-2:2013 specifies generic interface content exchanged between manufacturing control functions and other enterprise functions. The interface considered is between Level 3 manufacturing systems and Level 4 business systems in the hierarchical model defined in IEC 62264-1. The goal is to reduce the risk, cost, and errors associated with implementing the interface. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2004 and constitutes a technical revision. It includes the following technical:
- addition of object models for exchange information used in manufacturing operations management activities;
- displacement of the UML object models that were in IEC 62264-1:2003 into this standard so that the object models and the associated attribute tables were available in the same document;
- addition of the Hierarchy scope object definition to replace the Location attribute used in the previous edition;
- addition of a value type section to define the exchange of non-simple value types;
- definition of simple value types were defined using the ISO 15000-5.



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IEC 62264-2 Ed. 2.0 b:2013

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June 27, 2013

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