IEC-GUIDE-108 Guidelines for ensuring the coherence of IEC publications - Horizontal functions, horizontal publications and their application

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IEC GUIDE 108:2019 defines rules for dealing with horizontal functions and horizontal publications. This Guide is to be used in conjunction with the ISO/IEC Directives and with the aspect­ specific Guides.
The fundamental concept of a horizontal publication is that it is an international publication (not a TS or a PAS) that is widely applicable and to be used by all relevant committees and that has undergone an enhanced approval process as described in this document.
In this Guide:
- the term "committees" includes technical committees, project committees, subcommittees and systems committees.
- the term "publication" includes International Standard, Technical Report, Technical Specification, Publicly Available Specification and Guide.
- the term "product" is used to refer to individual products, processes, services and combinations thereof, commonly known as "systems".



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IEC GUIDE 108 Ed. 3.0 en:2019

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Nov. 1, 2019

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