ISO-13373-1 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Vibration condition monitoring - Part 1: General procedures


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This part of ISO 13373 provides general guidelines for the measurement and data collection functions of machinery vibration for condition monitoring. It is intended to promote consistency of measurement procedures and practices, which usually concentrate on rotating machines.

Because of the diversity of approaches to condition monitoring, recommendations specific to a particular kind of monitoring programme will be addressed in additional parts of ISO 13373.

This part of ISO 13373 is a basic document which presents recommendations of a general nature, encompassing

  • measurement methods,
  • measurement parameters,
  • transducer selection,
  • transducer location,
  • transducer attachment,
  • data collection,
  • machine operating conditions,
  • vibration monitoring systems,
  • signal conditioning systems,
  • interfaces with data-processing systems,
  • continuous monitoring, and
  • periodic monitoring.

The vibratory conditions of a machine can be monitored by vibration measurements on the bearing or housing structure and/or by vibration measurements of the rotating elements of the machine. In addition, measurements can be continuous or non-continuous. This part of ISO 13373 provides guidance on the types of measurements recommended in both the continuous and the non-continuous modes.

It is emphasized that this part of ISO 13373 addresses only the procedures for vibration condition monitoring of machines. In many cases, the complete condition monitoring and diagnostics of a machine can also include other parameters, such as thermography, oil analysis, ferrography, process variations, temperatures and pressures. These non-vibratory parameters will be included in other International Standards.

This part of ISO 13373 covers rotating machines. However, many of the procedures included can be applied to other types of machines, for example reciprocating machines.




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Document Number

ISO 13373-1:2002

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Publication Date

Feb. 15, 2002

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ISO/TC 108/SC 2