ISO-16277-1 Health informatics - Categorial structures of clinical findings in traditional medicine - Part 1: Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean medicine


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ISO/TS 16277-1:2015 defines a categorial structure for clinical findings in terminological systems for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Japanese Medicine, and Traditional Korean Medicine (TM-CJK). This Technical Specification defines three subcategories: pattern-TM, disorder-TM and sign&symptom-TM. Concept representations within these three categories are used to describe the states of patients in clinical records and communications.

This Technical Specification is not applicable to:

- a comprehensive categorial structure for TM-CJK;

- an exhaustive list of all possible characterizing concepts that could be used to describe clinical findings;

- terms/descriptions for individual TM-CJK concepts;

- a detailed terminology of clinical findings in TM-CJK;

- categorical structure of diagnosis and treatment on clinical findings in TM-CJK.

NOTE This Technical Specification is limited to a subpopulation of clinical findings in traditional medicine. Other types of clinical findings are represented in ISO/TS 22789 although it has not been tested for this purpose.




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ISO/TS 16277-1:2015

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Publication Date

May 1, 2015

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ISO/TC 215