ISO/IEC-29341-26-12 Information technology - UPnP Device Architecture - Part 26-12: Telephony device control protocol - Level 2 - Messaging service


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ISO/IEC 29341-26-12:2017 is compliant with [1]. It defines a service type referred to herein as Messaging service.

The Messaging service is a UPnP service that allows control points to use the messaging features provided by a Telephony Server (TS) or a Telephony Client (TC).

It provides in the UPnP network the overall set of messaging capabilities of a phone (e.g., smartphone, IP phone, VoIP gateway, etc.), as the role of a TS. Additionally, or as an alternative, a device with the role of a TC can provide the Messaging service via UPnP Telephony.

This service provides the control points with the following functionalities:

- Page Mode Messaging (e.g., e-Mail, SMS, MMS, etc.): notification of incoming messages, reading messages, sending a message, deleting a message.

- Session Mode Messaging (e.g., Instant Messaging, SMS, etc.): notification of incoming messages, retrieving and sending the messages within a session, creating, modifying or closing a messaging session.

- File transfer session, to transfer the files in near real time.

This service does not provide the following functionalities:

- Connection to a remote server for sending or receiving the messages (e.g., WAN side);

- Rendering of message notifications and messages to the end user;

- Configuring the Messaging service with account for connecting to remote servers;




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ISO/IEC 29341-26-12:2017

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Sept. 1, 2017

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