IWA-23 Interoperability of microfluidic devices - Guidelines for pitch spacing dimensions and initial device classification

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IWA 23:2016 is a consensus document developed by the workshop participants and observers in response to the need for standardization and harmonization of pitch spacing dimension, initial device classification and terminology of relevance.

IWA 23:2016 will serve as a guideline and is applicable to various interested parties and stakeholders in the microfluidics community.

IWA 23:2016:

- specifies geometrical standards in relation to pitch connector dimensions of microfluidic devices,

- specifies an initial device classification rules, and

- defines terms of relevance.


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71.040.10 (Chemical laboratories. Laboratory equipment Including hydrometers, alcoholometers, etc. Apparatus for measurement of volume, mass, density, viscosity, see 17.060 Spectroscopes, see 17.180.30 Temperature-measuring instruments, see 17.200.20 Laboratory ware, see 71.040.20)

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IWA 23:2016

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Sept. 1, 2016

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