SIS-CEN/TR-16220 Construction products - Assessment of release of dangerous substances - Complement to sampling


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This Technical Report covers the specific requirements for sampling construction products to determine the release or emission of dangerous substances in their intended use. It is complementary to existing sampling standards and sampling instruction in product standards or test methods for construction products of CEN product TCs and EOTA committees which fall under the CPD. The scope of this Technical Report covers all activities related to product sampling, starting with the initial planning of sampling until the delivery and formal transfer of the laboratory sample at the laboratory. This Technical Report: - does not deal with sub-sampling in the laboratory as a step towards the preparation of the test portion / test specimen5); - does not deal with the second sampling domain in which a sample is to be taken from the air (emission) or water (release) with which the test portion / test specimen has been in contact; - does not deal with the statistical testing of a construction product against (legislative) limit values, nor does it deal with the definition of repetitive sampling, suitable for fulfilling requirements with respect to a minimum level of uncertainty in a series of test results. This Technical Report focuses on obtaining a single sample. Repetitive sampling is outside the scope as the boundary conditions for routine testing against a limit are not yet defined (e.g. the necessary reliability). Despite the fact that repetitive sampling is not covered, the conditions provided in this Technical Report apply for an individual sample, as well as for a sample that is part of a series.

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SIS-CEN/TR 16220:2011

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Sept. 21, 2011



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