SIS-CWA-14094 European Culturally Specific ICT Requirements


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This CEN Workshop Agreement defines a check list of Culturally Specific ICT Requirements, such as character sets, internationalisation and user interfaces, in Europe (see Annex A for coverage) that products and services developed on the framework of the Global Information Infrastructure need to cover and support. Currently there is no single source for an integrated set of information regarding culturally specific ICT requirements in Europe. Such a checklist provided by the CWA will assist in this regard. The CWA also discusses the rationale for the requirements that affect the localisation of ICT systems and services. In addition to the requirements in a national / cultural application environment, the CWA identifies areas where national requirements still need be addressed even in pan-European applications. The potential users of this checklist are: 1) suppliers and implementers who wish to provide products and services applicable to the relevant market, and service providers, in particular those who wish to operate across national borders, and 2) users and purchasers who wish to ensure that products and services are applicable to their use. The list, however, does not constitute any procurement guidance as such. In areas, where reliable sources exist for the specifics of the requirements, the CWA will refer to these sources.

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35.240.01 (Application of information technology in general)

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SIS-CWA 14094:2001

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July 13, 2004



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