SIS-ISO/TS-10811-1 Mechanical vibration and shock - Vibration and shock in buildings with sensitive equipment - Part 1: Measurement and evaluation


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This part of ISO/TS 10811 defines methods of measurement, algorithms for analysis and the report of shock and vibration data for equipment in buildings which is sensitive to shock and vibration. The methods are applicable to the quantification of a future installation or the verification of an existing one. Accurate vibration data acquisition, analysis and uniform reporting methods are needed to evaluate vibration relative to manufacturers' and generic vibration criteria. Expected levels of vibration can be found in IEC 60721. Procedures for testing of equipment can be found in IEC 60068. NOTE A classification system of environmental vibration conditions established from measurements according to this part of ISO/TS 10811 should serve as guidelines for designers, manufacturers and users of shock-and-vibration-sensitive equipment and for building constructors (see ISO/TS 10811-2). The types of shock and vibration considered are those transmitted from floors, tables, walls, ceilings or isolation systems into an equipment unit. The vibration and shock response of individual mechanical or electronic parts inside the unit are not considered explicitly.

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SIS-ISO/TS 10811-1:2000

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Feb. 12, 2003



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