SS-212551 Prestressing steels - General requirements

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This standard SS 212551, specifies general requirements for uncoated high tensile strength steel products, which are widely used for the prestressing of concrete and are also used for other tensile applications in the construction field. The standard applies only to products as supplied by the manufacturer. This Swedish standard together with SS 212552, SS 212553 and SS 212554 specify the requirements of the technical classes for wire, strands and bars for a range of product families as given in Table A.1. This specification also covers uncoated high tensile strength steel products (wire, strand, bar as defined in 3.3 to 3.5) of other nominal diameters or higher technical (strength) classes whose requirements are not specified in this standard provided that: — for a given product family (product type, nominal tensile strength, dimensional range), either the new nominal diameters do not deviate by more than 2,5 mm for wire and strands and 10 mm for bars from the dimensional range defined in Table A.1 or the higher technical class does not deviate by more than 100 MPa from the existing nominal tensile strength as stated in Table A.1 with no extension of the dimensional range; — the manufacturing process and general properties meet the requirements in 7.1;— the specified standard and special properties are as defined in 7.2 and 7.3;— the evaluation of conformity is carried out according to Clause 8.NOTE 1 Extension of both nominal diameter and nominal tensile strength is not permitted for a given product family.NOTE 2 Products according to this standard are products with confirmed properties according to BFS 2008:8 and VVFS 2004:31 including amendments only when product certifed. Product certification of prestressing steels is covered in Annex C.

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