SS-EN-1090-4 Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures - Part 4: Technical requirements for cold-formed structural steel elements and cold-formed structures for roof, ceiling, floor and wall applications

SS-EN-1090-4 - 2018 EDITION - CURRENT

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This European Standard specifies requirements for the execution, i.e. the manufacture and the installation, of cold-formed structural steel members and sheeting and cold-formed structures for roof, ceiling, floor, wall and cladding applications. This European Standard applies to structures designed according to the EN 1993 series. This European Standard applies to structural members and sheeting to be designed according to EN 1993 1 3. This European Standard may be used for structures designed according to other design rules provided that conditions for execution comply with them and any necessary additional requirements are specified. This European Standard also specifies requirements for the execution i.e. the manufacture and the installation of structures made from cold formed profiled sheeting for roof, ceiling, floor and wall applications under predominately static loading or seismic loading conditions and their documentation. This European Standard covers sheeting of structural classes I and II according to EN 1993 1 3 used in structures. This European Standard covers structural members of all structural classes according to EN 1993 1 3. Structural sheeting are understood here to be: - profiled sheet, such as trapezoidal, sinusoidal or liner trays (Figure 1), or Structural members are understood here to be: - members (linear profiled cross sections) that are produced by cold forming (Figure 2). This European Standard also covers: - not welded built-up sections (Figure 2b and 2c); - cold-formed hollow sections including the welding of the longitudinal seam, not covered by EN 10219 1; - perforated, punctured and micro profiled sheeting and members; NOTE 1 Welded built-up sections, are not covered, the execution provisions are given in EN 1090–2. This European Standard also covers spacer constructions between the outer and inner or upper and lower skins for roofs, walls and ceilings made from cold-formed profiled sheeting and the connections an...

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SS-EN 1090-4:2018

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July 10, 2018



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EN 1090-4:2018(IDT)