SS-EN-1123-3 Pipes and fittings of longitudinally welded hot-dip galvanized steel pipes with spigot and socket for waste water systems - Part 3: Dimensions and special requirements for vacuum drainage systems and for drainage systems in ship-building

SS-EN-1123-3 - 2005 EDITION - CURRENT

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This document specifies requirements, dimensions and tolerances for pipes and fittings of longitudinally welded, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with spigot and socket used for vacuum drainage systems inside and outside buildings and for gravity and vacuum drainage systems on ships and floating maritime structures1): -- above freeboard deck as long as the heeling is taken into account in the event of damage when installed above freeboard deck on passenger ships; -- inside a watertight compartment below freeboard deck; -- with direct connection to the outboard (not permitted below freeboard deck); -- inside tanks as long as these are not filled with foreign media and are not cargo tanks. On well-anchored maritime structures, this standard applies to pipes and fittings of longitudinally welded hotdip galvanized steel pipe with spigot and socket used in drainage systems in the living area. NOTE Pipes and fittings according to this document may also be used in central vacuum cleaning installations, in vacuum suction lifting installations, in chip transporting installations and in other waste water and process pipes as long as the media to be discharged do not damage the components or the health and safety of the personnel. For other pipes, this document only applies if agreed with the relevant operators and following prior consultation with the manufacturer. This document contains a designation system for the different types of pipes and fittings for easy identification of each component. This document is only applicable in conjunction with EN 1123-1. It does not apply to the marking of products for which EN 1123-1/A1 is applicable.

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SS-EN 1123-3:2005

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Oct. 27, 2005



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