SS-EN-1154 Building hardware - Controlled door closing devices - Requirements and test methods


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 EDITION 1 - Jan. 3, 1997
 ED. 1 CORRIGENDUM 1 - Oct. 5, 2006

This standard specifies requirements for controlled door closing devices for swing doors, such devices being mounted on or in the frame, on or in the door, or in the floor. The scope is limited to manually operated door closing devices where the energy for closing is generated by the user upon opening the door, such that when the door is released, it returns to a closed position, in a controlled manner. Devices such as spring hinges, which do not exert a checking control during door closing, are outside the scope of this standard. Door closing devices (door closers) manufactured in accordance with this standard are recommended for use wherever there is a requirement for reliable closing control of a door. Door closers for use on fire/smoke doors need additional attributes in order to contribute actively to meeting the essential safety requirements in case of fire, either independently or as part of a complete door assembly. These additional requirements for door closers for use on a fire/smoke door assembly are specified in normative annex A. Door closers incorporating electrically powered hold-open mechanisms, for use on fire/smoke door assemblies, are covered by prEN 1155.

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SS-EN 1154

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Jan. 3, 1997



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EN 1154:1996(IDT)