SS-EN-1168 Precast concrete products - Hollow core slabs

SS-EN-1168 - 2005/A3 EDITION - CURRENT
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This European Standard deals with the requirements and the basic performance criteria and specifies minimum values where appropriate for precast hollow core slabs made of prestressed or reinforced normal weight concrete according to EN 1992-1-1:2004. This European Standard covers terminology, performance criteria, tolerances, relevant physical properties, special test methods, and special aspects of transport and erection. Hollow core elements are used in floors, roofs, walls and similar applications. In this European Standard the material properties and other requirements for floors and roofs are dealt with; for special use in walls and other applications, see the relevant product standards for possible additional requirements.The elements have lateral edges with a grooved profile in order to make a shear key to transfer shear through joints contiguous elements. For diaphragm action the joints have to function as horizontal shear joints. To improve this action vertical grooves may be provided.The elements are manufactured in factories by extrusion, slipforming or mouldcasting. Fitting slabs (narrowed slab elements) and recesses to the hollow core slabs can be made during production or afterwards. Hollow core slabs can have provisions for thermal activation, heating, cooling, sound insulation, etc. Due to these provisions, the concrete temperature remains in itÂ’s natural range.This European Standard also deals with solid slab elements used in conjunction with hollow core slabs and manufactured by extrusion, slipforming or mouldcasting, equivalent to the manufacturing of hollow core slabs. These solid slabs have the same overall cross-section as hollow core slabs, however without hollow cores.The application of the standard is limited for prestressed elements to a maximum depth of 500 mm and for reinforced elements to a maximum depth of 300 mm.

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SS-EN 1168:2005+A3:2011

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Oct. 27, 2011



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EN 1168:2005+A3:2011(IDT)