SS-EN-12094-13 Fixed firefighting systems - Components for gas extinguishing systems - Part 13: Requirements and test methods for check valves and non-return valves

SS-EN-12094-13 - EDITION 1 - CURRENT

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 EDITION 1 - June 1, 2001
 ED. 1 CORRIGENDUM 1 - March 8, 2002

This European Standard specifies the requirements and describes test methods for check and non-return valves for CO 2 , inert gas or halocarbon gas fire extinguishing systems. Non-return and check valves allow the passage in the direction of flow and they prevent flow in the reverse direction. This European Standard is applicable to check valves installed between container valve and manifold and non-return valves installed in pilot lines, except those valves which are tested in combination with non-electrical control devices.

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SS-EN 12094-13

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June 1, 2001



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EN 12094-13:2001 IDT