SS-EN-12201-2 Plastics piping systems for water supply, and for drainage and sewerage under pressure - Polyethylene (PE) - Part 2: Pipes

SS-EN-12201-2 - 2011/A1 EDITION - CURRENT
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This part of EN 12201 specifies the characteristics of pipes made from polyethylene (PE 100, PE 80 and PE 40) for buried and above ground applications, intended for the conveyance of water for human consumption, raw water prior to treatment, drainage and sewerage under pressure, vacuum sewer systems, and water for other purposes. NOTE 1 For PE components intended for the conveyance of water for human consumption and raw water prior to treatment attention is drawn to 5.3 of this European Standard. Components manufactured for water for general purposes, drainage and sewerage may not be suitable for water supply for human consumption. It also specifies the test parameters for the test methods referred to in this standard. In conjunction with Part 1 and Parts 3 to 5 of EN 12201, it is applicable to PE pipes, their joints and to joints with components of PE and other materials intended to be used under the following conditions: a) allowable operating pressure, PFA, up to 25 bar ); b) an operating temperature of 20 °C as a reference temperature; c) buried in the ground; d) sea outfalls; e) laid in water; f) above ground, including pipes suspended below bridges. NOTE 2 For applications operating at constant temperatures greater than 20 °C and up to 40 °C, see Annex A of EN 12201-1:2011. NOTE 3 Pipes constructions including barrier layers are not covered by this document. EN 12201 covers a range of allowable operating pressures and gives requirements concerning colours and additives. It covers three types of pipe: - PE pipes (outside diameter dn) including any identification stripes; - PE pipes with co-extruded layers on either or both the outside and/or inside of the pipe (total outside diameter dn) as specified in Annex B, where all layers have the same MRS rating; - PE pipes (outside diameter dn) with a peelable, contiguous thermoplastics additional layer on the outside of the pipe (‘coated pipe’) as specified in Annex C. NOTE 4 It is the responsibility of the pur...

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