SS-EN-12206-1 Paints and varnishes - Coating of aluminium and aluminium alloys for architectural purposes - Part 1: Coatings prepared from coating powder

SS-EN-12206-1 - 2004 EDITION - CURRENT

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This Part of EN 12206 specifies requirements and the corresponding methods of test relating to the organic coating of aluminium and aluminium alloy extrusions, sheet and preformed sections for architectural purposes, using coating powders. It also describes: a) the pretreatment of the substrate prior to the coating process; b) the coating powder; c) the coating process; d) the final product. Each item is dealt with separately in this Part of EN 12206 so that any interested party can ensure compliance appropriate to its area of responsibility. CAUTION — The procedures described in this standard are intended to be carried out by suitably trained and/or supervised personnel. The substances and procedures used in this method may be injurious to health if adequate precautions are not taken. Attention is drawn in the text to specific hazards. This standard refers only to technical suitability and does not absolve the user from statutory obligations relating to health and safety.

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87.040 (Paints and varnishes Including coating powders, paint coatings and protective paint systems)

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SS-EN 12206-1:2004

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Sept. 24, 2004



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EN 12206-1:2004(IDT)