SS-EN-12253 Road transport and traffic telematics - Dedicated short range communication - Physical layer using microwave at 5,8 GHz

SS-EN-12253 - 2004 EDITION - CURRENT

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The DSRC Standards EN 12253, EN 12795 and EN 12834, which together form a three-layered architecture for DSRC, are designed to encompass a wide range of services for different purposes in order to make the basic DSRC architecture suited for many different applications and for a wide range of possible products and systems. This document: -- specifies a physical layer at 5,8 GHz for DSRC as applicable in the field of Road Transport and Traffic Telematics (RTTT). -- provides requirements for the communication medium to be used for exchange of information between road-side units (RSU) and on-board units (OBU). -- caters for a communication means to be used by several applications in the RTTT sector.

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35.240.60 (IT applications in transport and trade Including EDIFACT and e-commerce)

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SS-EN 12253:2004

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July 30, 2004



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EN 12253:2004(IDT)