SS-EN-12272-3 Surface dressing - Test method - Part 3: Determination of binder aggregate adhesivity by the Vialit plate shock test method


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This European Standard specifies the measurement of the binder aggregate adhesivity, and the influence of adhesion agents or interfacial dopes an adhesion characteristics as an aid to design binder aggregate systems for surface dressing. lt is not intended that this method is used on site for quality control. This European Standard specifies methods of measurement of: -- the mechanical adhesion of the binder to the surface of the aggregate; -- the active adhesivity of the binder to the chippings; -- the improvement of the mechanical adhesion and active adhesivity by adding an adhesion agent either into the mass of the binder or by spraying the interface between binder and chippings; -- the wetting temperature of the binder to the aggregate; -- the variation of adhesivity below the fragility temperature. This test method is suitable for: -- all the hydrocarbon binders used for surface dressings (e.g. conventional or polymer modified binders, fluxed or cut-back binders or, conventional or polymer modified bituminous emulsions); -- all the aggregate types used for surface dressings; -- following aggregate product sizes: -- set 1: 2/5 mm, 5/8 mm, 8/11 mm and 11/16 mm; -- set 2: 2/6 mm, 4/6 mm, 6/10 mm and 10/14 mm. NOTE Further information concerning the purpose of the test may be found in annex D.

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93.080.20 (Road construction materials Including asphalts, road pavements, etc.)

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SS-EN 12272-3

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Feb. 7, 2003



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EN 12272-3:2003 IDT