SS-EN-12279 Gas supply systems - Gas pressure regulating installations on service lines - Functional requirements


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This European Standard contains the relevant functional requirements for gas pressure regulating installations forming a part of the service lines in gas supply systems. It is applicable to the design, materials, construction, testing, operation and maintenance of gas pressure regulating installations which form a part of the service line for the supply of residential, high rise, public access, commercial and mixed use buildings (see EN 1775) and for which the maximum upstream operating pressure is equal to or less than 16 bar and the design flow rate is equal to or less than 200 m³/h (normal m3/h). This European Standard does not apply to gas pressure regulating installations commissioned prior to the publication of this standard. Basic system requirements for gas pressure regulating installations are contained in this European Standard. Requirements for individual components (valves, regulators, safety devices, pipes, etc.) or installation of the components, are contained in the appropriate European Standards. For gas pressure regulating installations forming a part of service lines with design flow rates of more than 200 m3/h (normal m3/h) or for a maximum upstream operating pressure of more than 16 bar prEN 12186 applies. The requirements of this European Standard are based on good gas engineering practice under conditions normally encountered in the gas industry. Requirements for unusual conditions cannot be specifically provided for, nor are all engineering and construction details prescribed. The requirements of this European Standard are based on the physical and chemical data of gaseous fuels in accordance with table 1 of EN 437:1993 for first and second family gases. For gaseous fuels heavier than air additional considerations may be necessary. The objective of this European Standard is to ensure the safe operation of such systems. This does not, however, relieve all concerned of the responsibility for taking the necessary care and applying effec...

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SS-EN 12279

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May 26, 2000



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EN 12279:2000(IDT)