SS-EN-12321 Underground mining machinery - Specification for the safety requirements of armoured face conveyors

SS-EN-12321 - 2003/A1 EDITION - CURRENT
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1.1 This European Standard specifies the safety requirements for armoured face conveyors and covers, conveyor drive units, return units, line pans, chain assemblies, devices for tensioning and locking chains. This European Standard does not apply to stage loader ancillaries, armoured face conveyors which form part of mineral bunker systems or operate as spillage conveyors, to haulage systems and guides utilised by extraction machines, to the technical requirements for cable-less remote controls, to compressed air powered machines, or to the interfaces between the elements of the conveyor and other machine installations. Armoured face conveyors are designed for the transport of minerals and rock only. NOTE Armoured face conveyors can be used as a base for guiding the extraction machine and as a link between the face roof support and the extraction machine if required. This European Standard deals with all hazards, hazardous situations and events for the use in mines, when they are used as intended and for the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer. See clause 4 for the hazards dealt with. 1.2 This European Standard does not cover any hazards resulting from the electrical equipment associated with the machine. It does not contain any requirements relating to dust suppression or firedamp hazards. Hazards due to noise are also excluded from this European Standard, but a separate European Standard is in preparation where hazards due to noise will be addressed. It is intended for manufacturers producing and marketing complete machines, and for manufacturers assembling new parts from different origins or assembling new machines even for their own use. These are called “manufacturers” in this European Standard. 1.3 This European Standard applies to armoured face conveyors which are manufactured after the date of issue of this European Standard.

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SS-EN 12321+A1:2009

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April 14, 2009



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EN 12321:2003+A1:2009(IDT)