SS-EN-12463 Food processing machinery - Filling machines and auxiliary machines - Safety and hygiene requirements

SS-EN-12463 - 2014 EDITION - CURRENT
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1.1 General This European Standard applies for: - filling machines with cylinder with piston, - filling machines with feed intake hopper with and without loading device, - auxiliary machines for filling machines. This document does not apply to filling machines with cylinder and manual operation. This document applies to machines which process e.g. meat, cheese and other pasty substances, excluding dry or frozen materials. They pumps food stuff into casings or bring it to a following process. And also to the combinable appliances or auxiliary machines with which a wide range of additional functions can be implemented. For example: portioning, depositing, mincing, coextruding, dividing and forming. This document deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to filling machines, fitting appliances and auxiliary machines, such as twisting and hanging devices, mincing devices, forming devices, etc., when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer and also the reasonable foreseeable misuse (see Clause 4). These significant hazards, hazardous situations and events exist during the whole life of filling machines. This document covers the following auxiliary machines, auxiliary devices and interchangeable equipment: a) auxiliary machines: 1) portioning machine; 2) twisting machine; 3) mincing machine; 4) calibrating machine; 5) separation machine; 6) hanging machine; 7) co-extrusion machine; 8) tying machine; 9) grouping machine; 10) filling stream divider machine; 11) depositing machine; 12) forming machine; 13) peeling machine; 14) (casing-) spooling machine; 15) evacuating machine; 16) loading machine; 17) insertion machine; 18) handling machine (for full smoke sticks, single products or product groups); b) auxiliary devices / modules: 1) portioning device / module; 2) twisting device / module; 3) mincing device / module; 4) calibrating device / module; 5) separating device / module; 6) hanging device...

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Revised Machinery Directive

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SS-EN 12463:2014

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Nov. 11, 2014



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EN 12463:2014(IDT)