SS-EN-13078 Devices to prevent pollution by backflow of potable water - Air gap with submerged feed incorporating air inlet plus overflow - Family A, type C

SS-EN-13078 - 2004 EDITION - CURRENT

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This European Standard specifies the characteristics and the requirements of air gaps with submerged feed incorporating air inlet and an overflow, Family A, type C. Air gaps are devices for protection of potable water in water installations from pollution. This standard applies to air gaps in factory assembled products and to constructed air gaps in situ and defines the physico-chemical characteristics of materials of construction used for the purpose and application to ensure compliance with this standard during normal working use. Annex A specifies the vacuum test.

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Designation Name

SS-EN 13078:2004

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Publication Date

June 18, 2004



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International Equivalent

EN 13078:2003(IDT)