SS-EN-13363-1 Solar protection devices combined with glazing - Calculation of solar and light transmittance - Part 1: Simplified method

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This European Standard specifies a simplified method based on the thermal transmittance and total solar energy transmittance of the glazing and on the light transmittance and reflectance of the solar protection device to estimate the total solar energy transmittance of a solar protection device combined with glazing. The method applies to all types of solar protection devices parallel to the glazing such as louvre, venetian or roller blinds. The position of the solar protection device can be interior, exterior or between single panes in a dual glazing system. It is applicable when the total solar energy transmittance of the glazing is between 0,15 and 0,85. Venetian or louvre blinds are assumed to be adjusted so that there is no direct solar penetration. It is assumed that for external solar protection devices and for integrated solar protection devices, the space between the solar protection devices and the glazing is unventilated and for internal solar protection devices this space is ventilated. The resulting g-values of the simplified method given here are approximate and their deviation from the exact values lie within the range between +0,10 and -0,02. The results generally tend to lie on the safe side for cooling load estimations. The results are not intended to be used for calculating beneficial solar gains or thermal comfort criteria. The simplified method is based on the normal incidence of radiation and does not take into account either the angular dependence of transmittance and the reflectance or the differences of spectral distribution. An allowance can be made for this fact when applying the method.

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SS-EN 13363-1

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Aug. 8, 2003



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EN 13363-1:2003(IDT)