SS-EN-13381-5 Test methods for determining the contribution to the fire resistance of structural members - Part 5: Applied protection to concrete/profiled sheet steel composite member

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This European Standard specifies a test method for determining the contribution of fire protection systems to the fire resistance of structural concrete/profiled sheet steel composite members or slabs. The concrete can be lightweight, normal-weight or heavy-weight concrete and of strength classes 20/25 (LC/C/HC) to 50/60 (LC/C/HC). The test method and its assessment procedure are designed to permit direct application of the results to cover a range of thicknesses of the applied fire protection material. The test method is applicable to all fire protection materials used for the protection of concrete/steel composite members or slab and includes sprayed materials, coatings, cladding protection systems and multi-layer or composite fire protection materials, with or without a cavity between the fire protection material and the concrete/steel composite members or slab. This European Standard contains the fire test which specifies the tests which will be carried out to determine the ability of the fire protection system to remain coherent and fixed to the composite member and to provide data on the temperatures of the steel sheet, throughout the depth of the concrete (for extended application purposes) and the unexposed surface of the concrete, when exposed to the standard temperature/time curve according to the procedures defined herein. In special circumstances, where specified in national building regulations, there can be a need to subject reactive protection material to a smouldering curve. The test for this and the special circumstances for its use are detailed in Annex A. The fire test methodology makes provision for the collection and presentation of data which can be used as direct input to the calculation of fire resistance of concrete/steel composite members in accordance with the procedures given in EN 1994 1 2. This European Standard also contains the assessment which prescribes how the analysis of the test data needs to be made and gives guidance to the ...

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