SS-EN-1344 Clay pavers - Requirements and test methods

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 2013 EDITION - Nov. 6, 2013
 2013 EDITION CORRIGENDUM 1 - June 1, 2015

This European Standard specifies the requirements of pavers and accessories manufactured from clay for use in the flexible form of construction (see 3.10) and in the rigid form of construction (see 3.11). This European Standard applies to rectangular and other shaped units intended as construction products in pavements mainly for exterior use, including roofs as roof paving units, but which may also be used internally. The flexible form of construction is subjected to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, while the rigid form of construction is usually subjected to pedestrian traffic. This European Standard specifies the characteristics and classes of performance and corresponding test methods. It provides for product marking and for the evaluation of conformity of the product to this European Standard. This European Standard covers only clay pavers and accessories with or without coatings and with or without post firing chemical treatment which do not contain any material with asbestos fibres nor contain formaldehyde. It excludes products intended for refractory and chemical engineering applications and clay floor tiles. It also excludes clay masonry units. This European standard does not cover clay pavers having tactile surfaces.

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SS-EN 1344:2013

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Nov. 6, 2013



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EN 1344:2013(IDT)