SS-EN-14444 Structural adhesives - Qualitative assessment of durability of bonded assemblies - Wedge rupture test (ISO 10354:1992 modified)

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 2005 EDITION - Oct. 27, 2005
 2005 EDITION CORRIGENDUM 1 - Oct. 27, 2008

This document simulates in a qualitative manner mechanical forces and important environmental influences on an adhesive-bonded joint at a metal polymer interfaces it can also be used as a method of checking the surface preparation of substrates, with a limited detection level. The test is applicable at the present time to the bonding of aluminium and titanium alloys using thermosetting structural adhesives and primers. NOTE This method can also be used for assessing surface preparation of other metals. Considerable caution in the evaluation of comparative results should be exercised in the event that the materials (adhesive plus adherend) and the specimen geometry are varied. Like should be compared with like (only similar adherends bonded with similar adhesives can be compared between themselves).

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SS-EN 14444:2005

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Oct. 27, 2005



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EN 14444:2005(IDT); ISO 10354:1992(MOD)