SS-EN-14880 Surface active agents - Determination of inorganic sulfate content in anionic surface active agents - Potentiometric lead selective electrode titration method

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This European Standard specifies a method for the determination of the content of inorganic sulphate in anionic surface active agents. It can be applied to -olefin sulphonates and n-olefin sulphonates, alcohol sulphates, alcohol ether sulphates, alkyl benzene sulphonates and other alkyl sulphonates. This method is used also for the determination of inorganic sulphate in alkyl benzene sulphonates or other alkyl sulphonates in their acid form. This method also applies to deep-coloured samples. NOTE Sulphate can be present as sulphuric acid, ionic salts of this acid or mixture of these.

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71.100.40 (Surface active agents)

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SS-EN 14880:2005

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Sept. 9, 2005



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