SS-EN-15408 Solid recovered fuels - Methods for the determination of sulphur (S), chlorine (Cl), fluorine (F) and bromine (Br) content

SS-EN-15408 - 2011 EDITION - CURRENT

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This European Standard specifies the determination of S, Cl, F and Br in solid recovered fuels of various origin and composition after combustion in oxygen atmosphere. This method is applicable for concentrations over 0,025 g/kg, depending on the element and on the determination technique. In the case of fluorine this method is applicable for concentration over 0,015 g/kg. Insoluble halides and sulphate present in the original sample or produced during the combustion step are not completely determined by these methods. This European Standard provides recommendations concerning standardised methods for determination of halides and sulphate in the solution obtained after combustion.

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SS-EN 15408:2011

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March 28, 2011



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EN 15408:2011(IDT)