SS-EN-15423 Ventilation for buildings - Fire precautions for air distribution systems in buildings

SS-EN-15423 - 2008 EDITION - CURRENT

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This document gives guidance for system designers, installers, commissioners and maintenance teams on the incorporation of protective measures for air distribution systems including dual purpose systems for smoke and heat exhaust systems within buildings, to prevent the initiation and the spread of fire, smoke and other by-products of combustion. This document intends to only support any national (building) regulations, which are the basis of any design of a building or parts of it. It is up to the designer to enquire about the suitability (in particular in legal terms) of a specific solution given in this document (e.g. although “dual purpose systems” are covered in this document, they may not be permitted in some Member States or only in certain types of buildings). This document applies to all air distribution systems including dual purpose systems (except systems only dedicated to smoke exhaust systems, which are dealt in other European standards) including technical rooms or spaces for the installation of devices to assist in ventilation of a building (e.g. distance of storage of combustible materials to devices and not the fire resistance of the building structure), penetrations, and following components/products used in the system like:

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13.220.50 (Fire-resistance of building materials and elements)

91.140.30 (Ventilation and air-conditioning systems Including ventilation ducts Ventilators and air-conditioners, see 23.120)

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SS-EN 15423:2008

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May 19, 2008



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EN 15423:2008(IDT)