SS-EN-16421 Influence of materials on water for human consumption - Enhancement of microbial growth (EMG)

SS-EN-16421 - 2014 EDITION - CURRENT

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This European Standard specifies three methods for determining the ability of non-metallic materials to enhance the growth of micro-organisms. This European Standard is applicable to those materials destined to be used under various conditions for the transport and storage of water intended for human consumption. The standard allows for the testing of a single type of material, or a product in which only one material is in contact with water. It is unsuitable for use with assembled products where more than one material is exposed to water. NOTE The results given by each method are not directly comparable.

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07.100.20 (Microbiology of water Examination of biological properties of water, see 13.060.70)

Fluid fertilizers (Dir. 76/116/EEC amendment)

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SS-EN 16421:2014

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Dec. 14, 2014



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EN 16421:2014(IDT)