SS-EN-16445 Ventilation for buildings - Air diffusion - Aerodynamic testing and rating for mixed flow application: non-isothermal procedure for cold jet

SS-EN-16445 - 2013 EDITION - CURRENT

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This European Standard specifies methods for the laboratory aerodynamic testing and rating of air terminal devices for mixed flow applications, including the specification of suitable test facilities and measurement techniques. This standard applies to laboratory testing of ATD for technical characterisation. The standard gives only tests for the assessment of characteristics of the air terminal devices for mixed flow applications, under non-isothermal conditions with a cold jet. It does not cover the testing of isothermal or low velocity terminal devices which are covered by other published standards. This European Standard applies to ventilation or air conditioning systems designed for the maintenance of comfort conditions for buildings. It is not applicable in the case of systems for the control of industrial or other special process environments. In the latter case however, it may be referred to if the system technology is similar to that of the above mentioned ventilation and air conditioning systems. The principles described in this European Standard can also be used on site or in a lab for full-scale measurements.

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91.140.30 (Ventilation and air-conditioning systems Including ventilation ducts Ventilators and air-conditioners, see 23.120)

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SS-EN 16445:2013

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Feb. 25, 2013



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EN 16445:2013(IDT)