SS-EN-16798-17 Energy performance of buildings - Ventilation for buildings - Part 17: Guidelines for inspection of ventilation and air conditioning systems (Module M4-11, M5-11, M6-11, M7-11)

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This European Standard specifies the common methodology and the requirements for inspection of air conditioning systems in buildings for space cooling and/or heating and/or ventilation systems from an energy use standpoint. It can be used to fulfil the EPBD requirements (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010/31/EU [9]) as well as in other contexts where such inspections are specified. The methodology specified in this standard deals with indoor climate problems that can be due to the systems inspected. This standard applies to both residential and non-residential buildings equipped with: - air conditioning system(s) without mechanical ventilation; or - air conditioning system(s) with mechanical ventilation; or - natural and mechanical ventilation system(s). This standard applies to: - fixed systems; - accessible parts that contribute to the cooling and mechanical ventilation services. This standard is also applicable to some systems for which the Directive does not require inspection, such as: - fixed systems of less than 12 kW output; - ventilation-only systems. The inspection of systems given in this standard is applicable to: - all types of comfort cooling and air conditioning systems. This includes air conditioning systems of an effective rated output of less than 12 kW not covered by Directive 2010/31/EU; - all types of ventilation systems that is to say mechanical, natural, hybrid (including mechanical and natural ventilation). Parts of this standard are also applicable to check ventilation requirements when there is no ventilation system. The inspection of systems includes but is not limited to the following components: - reverse-cycle operation of air-conditioning equipment; - associated water and air distribution and exhaust systems that form a necessary part of the system; - controls that are intended to regulate the use of associated water and air distribution and exhaust systems. Table 1 shows the relative position of this standard wit ...

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