SS-EN-17082 Domestic and non-domestic gas-fired forced convection air heaters for space heating not exceeding a net heat input of 300 kW

SS-EN-17082 - 2019 EDITION - CURRENT

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This document specifies the requirements and test methods for the safety and efficiency of gas fired air heaters with or without a fan to assist the transportation of combustion air and/or flue gases, hereafter referred to as "appliances". This standard also applies to warm air heaters having forced draught burners. This European Standard applies to Type A2, A3 appliances, with an input not exceeding 300 kW (net CV basis), intended for non-domestic use. This European Standard also applies to Type B11, B11AS, B11BS, B12, B12AS, B12BS, B13, B13AS, B13BS, B14, B14AS, B14BS, B22, B23, B41, B41AS, B41BS, B42, B42AS, B42BS, B43, B43AS, B43BS, B44, B44AS, B44BS, B52, B53, C11, C12, C13, C21, C31, C32, C33, C41, C62 and C63 appliances with an input not exceeding 300 kW (net CV basis), intended for domestic and non-domestic use. Provision of the heated air may be by means of ducting. This European Standard does not apply to: a) dual purpose air conditioning appliances (heating and cooling); b) appliances where the air is heated by an intermediate fluid; c) portable or transportable forced convection appliances; d) appliances fitted with manual or automatic means of adjusting the combustion products evacuation by means of flue dampers; e) appliances having multiple heating units with a single draught diverter; f) appliances fitted with more than one flue outlet; g) appliances fitted with gas boosters; h) C21 and C41 appliances for 3rd family gases. NOTE For C41 appliances, see all requirements and test methods that are valid for C21 appliances, unless otherwise stated. This European Standard is not intended to cover appliances projected for connection to gas grids where the quality of the distributed gas is likely to vary to a large extent over the lifetime of the appliance. This European Standard is applicable to appliances which are intended to be type tested.

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SS-EN 17082:2019

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Oct. 23, 2019



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EN 17082:2019(IDT)