SS-EN-1825-1 Grease separators - Part 1: Principles of design, performance and testing, marking and quality control

SS-EN-1825-1 - 2005 EDITION - CURRENT

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 2005 EDITION - Feb. 4, 2005
 2005 EDITION CORRIGENDUM 1 - June 1, 2006

This standard specifies definitions, nominal sizes, principles of design, performance requirements, marking, testing and quality control for grease separators. This standard applies to separators for the separation of greases and oils of vegetable and animal origin from wastewater by means of gravity and without any external energy. This standard does not cover grease separators intended to treat domestic wastewater from kitchen areas of single family dwellings, where the separator has a nominal size less than 1. The standard is not applicable for the separation of light liquids, e.g. petrol, fuel and heating oil, and does not cover the treatment of wastewater exclusively containing stable emulsions of greases and oils. The standard does not cover the use of biological means (bacteria and enzymes).

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SS-EN 1825-1:2005

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Feb. 4, 2005



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EN 1825-1:2004(IDT)