SS-EN-1991-1-3 Eurocode 1 - Actions on structures - Part 1-3: General actions - Snow loads

SS-EN-1991-1-3 - EDITION 1 - CURRENT

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 EDITION 1 - Aug. 29, 2003
 ED. 1 CORRIGENDUM 1 - March 17, 2009

(1) EN 1991-1-3 gives guidance to determine the values of loads due to snowto be used for the structural design of buildings and civil engineering works.(2) This Part does not apply for sites at altitudes above 1 500 m, unlessotherwise specified.NOTE 1: Advice for the treatment of snow loads for altitudes above 1 500 m may be found inthe National Annex.(3) Annex A gives information on design situations and load arrangements tobe used for different locations.

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SS-EN 1991-1-3

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Aug. 29, 2003



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International Equivalent

EN 1991-1-3:2003(IDT)